Therapeutic Care

Therapeutic Approach Centred On The Resident And Their Family

Donald Berman Jewish Eldercare believes in the interdisciplinary approach to resident care and in the firm principle of treatment focusing on the individual needs of each resident as well as their family. Upon admission, an individualized plan of care is devised for each resident that best meets his or her needs. 

This plan which is developed in partnership with the resident and the family is readjusted periodically throughout the stay at Donald Berman Jewish Eldercare.

Healthcare Team

Following the admission of a resident to Jewish Eldercare, he/she is assessed by staff from various services who collaborate as members of the healthcare team. Team members represent services such as medicine, pharmacy, nursing, social service, physiotherapy services, occupational therapy, therapeutic recreation, and nutrition and food services, who then establish a care plan tailored to the individual needs of a resident. 

The care plan is created in partnership with the resident and their family. Regular family conferences are held to facilitate the exchange of information and to encourage feedback from the resident and/or family.


In order to provide a continuity of medical care to residents, physicians are assigned to a particular nursing pavilion where a professional and trusting relationship is forged between the resident, the family and the physician. As a vital member of the healthcare team, physicians are generally family practitioners who specialize in geriatrics. 


Donald Berman Jewish Eldercare has its own pharmacy within the centre. Working in conjunction with the physicians, nurses and other members of the healthcare team, the pharmacist ensures that the resident receives optimal drug therapy. In addition, he/she also monitors the effectiveness, interactions and possible allergies to medications and makes recommendations to the resident, the family, the physician and nursing staff.


The management team for the Support Program for the Autonomy of Seniors (SAPA) has a mandate of overseeing the administration of the best possible geriatric care for our residents. The nursing staff is made up of nurses, nursing assistants, nursing aides and PAB’s (orderlies). The team is on duty 24 hours a day. The focus of their practice is the well-being and quality of life of the residents, in a warm and safe environment. 

The nursing team, together with the resident and family, assesses and designs the care plan. The nursing team is accountable to provide, coordinate and evaluate the nursing care. Their dedication contributes to maintaining the residents’ dignity and meaning in life.  An important nursing objective is to continually upgrade the professional approach to care by means of ongoing staff development, educational and nursing research.

Social Service

Placement in a long-term care establishment can sometimes be a stressful experience for the newly admitted resident and the family. Adapting to this major life change requires a period of adjustment which varies with each individual.  One of the principal functions of Social Service is to ease the transition into Donald Berman Jewish Eldercare for the resident and family and to support them in their integration and adaptation. 

Social Services is available to provide support, education, and to help face different challenges that may arise throughout their stay. In addition to counseling and other social services, a variety of support groups for residents and families are offered.


Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy is the use of purposeful activity to develop skills, restore function, maintain ability and prevent dysfunction.  Through a holistic approach, the Occupational Therapist evaluates the resident’s physical, mental, psychological and spiritual needs in order to develop treatment plans that meet their individual requirements.  Interventions are then planned to meet the Occupational Therapy objectives and enhance quality of life.  The Occupational Therapist works as an integral part of the interdisciplinary team to promote quality of life including comfort, safety and independence and resident choices.

Physiotherapy Services

The aim of Physiotherapy Services is to promote physical health, minimize functional losses and maintain the highest level possible of physical capability and comfort. This is accomplished through the use of therapeutic exercises and techniques, aids and adaptations, as well as through the education of staff, families and residents.  Following an evaluation, goals are formulated and implemented in conjunction with other members of the healthcare team in order to promote optimal functioning and well-being.  When indicated, various treatment activities are provided in order to best meet the resident’s functional objectives/needs.

Therapeutic Recreation

The philosophy of Therapeutic Recreation is based on the premise that leisure is an inherent aspect of the human experience and has a vital impact on ones quality of life.  Each resident’s leisure interests are assessed upon admission and on an ongoing basis. 

Individual or group activities are then selected to address specific goals and objectives that meet the emotional, cognitive, social, physical and spiritual needs of the resident.  As part of the therapeutic recreation program and in order to maintain contact with the community at large, outside groups of all ages frequently come to the Centre to entertain and visit residents.

In addition to the smaller therapeutic groups on the floors, the Therapeutic Recreation department provides an extensive number of centre-wide events such as outings, barbecues, coffee house, happy hour, theme days, musical events and guest speakers. Other events relating to Jewish holiday celebrations are regularly included in the recreation schedule.

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