In the early decades of the 1900s, the Jewish Consumptive Aid Association, which had done so much to help victims of Tuberculosis, decided to change its mission and began to focus on helping the chronically ill and disabled. In 1942, they opened the 50-bed Jewish Incurable Hospital in east end Montreal. Soon after, it changed its name to Jewish Hospital of Hope.
Twenty-five years later, it became apparent that there was a shortage of nursing homes for Montreal’s Jewish elderly population. In 1970, the 44-bed Jewish Nursing Home opened its doors in the former nurses’ residence of the Jewish Hospital of Hope. 

With the need for further expansion, and to be closer to the community, both institutions relocated to new state-of-the art buildings in the Cote-des-Neiges area in 1993, with a total increased capacity of 320 beds. The new buildings provided an enormous improvement in the quality of long-term care available to the community.

Provincial government legislation that was introduced in 1992 had the aim of consolidating long term care institutions that were located in the same area. In December 2000, an integration process was completed and the two institutions became one: the Jewish Eldercare Centre.

Today, Jewish Eldercare Centre is the second largest Jewish long-term care centre in the Province of Quebec. The Centre provides therapeutic care based on an interdisciplinary approach, with teams of health care professionals developing and reviewing treatment plans in consultation with the residents and their families. 

The Centre is comprised of two buildings: the Jewish Hospital of Hope Pavilion, with main entrance located at 5725 Victoria Avenue, and the David and Sylvia Kastner Pavilion, located at 5750 Lavoie Street.
Our two pavilions are connected by an aboveground, fully enclosed link that can be accessed from the second floor of the Hope Pavilion, or from the main floor of the Kastner Pavilion.

In April 2015, the Quebec health care system was restructured under Bill 10.   Donald Berman Maimonides became part of the health network known as the CIUSSS (Centre Integré Universitaire de Santé et Services Sociaux) Centre-Ouest-de-l’Île-de-Montréal, which includes the following: Jewish Eldercare Centre, Jewish General Hospital, MAB-Mackay, Miriam Home and Services, Mount Sinai, CSSS Cavendish, CSSS de la Montagne and Constance-Lethbridge.

In 2018, thanks to a transformative gift from the Donald Berman Foundation, the Centre became known as Donald Berman Jewish Eldercare.

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