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The Donald Berman Jewish Eldercare Foundation makes all the difference!

It is the mission of the Donald Berman Jewish Eldercare Foundation to provide the financial resources and leadership required to enhance the quality of life of the Centre’s residents. Donor dollars are truly making a difference. These programs and services are made possible thanks to your donations to the Foundation.


We invest in our staff on an annual basis by providing Bursaries for those attending school to further their education or to upgrade their skills.

Chanukat Habayit

Every new resident and their family is welcomed with a visit from the rabbi in their room with refreshments for a l’chaim, as well as a blessing and flowers to brighten up their new home.

Jewish Life

Cultural programs are central to the Jewish life of our residents, including synagogue services, kiddushes and the celebration of holidays.

iPod project

iPods with customized playlists tailored to the residents’ interests are provided for residents. Music reaches our residents in miraculous ways.

Buses for outings

Residents get to enjoy summer outings to local attractions as well as weekly excursions to different malls in the city. These outings are a welcome change of scenery for residents who miss their independence.

Concert series

Residents and their families get to enjoy music performances in the synagogue on weekends and holidays. This is a great opportunity for families to spend quality time with their loved ones at the Centre.

X-ray Machines

Looking ahead, the Foundation will purchase portable x-ray machines so that residents can have x-rays right in their rooms. This avoids having to go to the hospital and makes the procedure much less disruptive for our residents.

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