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Service Quality and Complaints Commissioner

The Ombudsman is an impartial, compassionate and understanding mediator who is mandated to objectively and diligently investigate complaints filed by residents and families, and to help find solutions to the problems uncovered through such complaints. The Ombudsman’s goal is to find realistic solutions that are acceptable to everyone concerned – residents, families and staff.

 All complaints are taken seriously and investigated, and significant issues or patterns are brought to the attention of the Board of Directors through the Quality Improvement / Risk Management Committee.

 By reviewing complaints and finding solutions to the problems raised, we are provided with vital information needed to improve care and services. This may lead to important policy changes that affect everyone. With the help of our residents and their families, we strive to improve any problem areas which are brought to our attention.

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User Complaint Procedures

A user may formulate a written or verbal complaint to the Service Quality and Complaints Commissioner of the Centre (Ombudsman), on the services he received, ought to have received, is receiving, or requires from Donald Berman Jewish Eldercare Centre.

You will be receiving a complete copy of the User Complaint Procedures upon admission to the Centre. Additional copies are available from the Ombudsman or your head nurse.

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