Therapeutic Care

Interdisciplinary approach

The Donald Berman Jewish Eldercare Centre uses an interdisciplinary, client-centered approach to therapeutic care and a wide range of services. An entire team of healthcare professionals, in consultation with the resident and his or her family, develops an individualized treatment plan that best meets the needs of the resident and enhances the resident’s quality of life. This plan is reviewed annually, or more frequently if there is a change in the resident’s health status, and adjusted as required.

The interdisciplinary team is comprised of staff from various departments, including medical services, nursing, rehabilitation services, social services, chaplaincy services, food and nutritional care.

Medical Services

Donald Berman Jewish Eldercare Centre physicians are experienced family practitioners who are deeply committed to geriatric care. To allow for continuity of medical care for the residents, each physician is assigned to specific floors, visiting the same group of residents on a predetermined schedule. This allows each doctor to develop supportive relationships with the residents and their families, enhancing the doctor’s understanding of the resident’s medical condition and needs.

Our medical teams provide coverage 24 hours per day, 7 days a week, under the supervision of the Director of Professional Services.

Medical services at the Donald Berman Jewish Eldercare Centre are further enhanced by the on-site availability of consulting specialists in dermatology, gynecology, urology, oto-rhino-laryngology, orthopedics, general surgery, plastic surgery, neurology, geriatric psychiatry and optometry. Appointments with these specialists are obtained through referrals provided by the treating physician who is part of your interdisciplinary team.

We operate an on-site radiology department and an on-site dental clinic. An optician is also available for on-site visits.

The Centre’s pharmacy dispenses medications prescribed by our doctors and our consulting specialists.


The Centre provides 24 hour per day, 7 day a week geriatric nursing care for our residents, through a professional and dedicated team of registered nurses (RN), registered nursing assistants (RNA) and beneficiary attendants (nursing aides and orderlies).

Each resident is assessed upon admission, in order to determine his or her physical, cognitive and psychosocial needs. A nursing care plan is then be formulated, ensuring that the resident feels as comfortable as possible and maintains maximum independence and functioning within his or her abilities. The resident is cared for with dignity and within an environment of respect and compassion.

It is the professional responsibility of the nursing staff to problem-solve creatively, both in moments of crisis as well as when faced with long-term concerns of the resident and family.

Rehabilitation Services

Residents are evaluated upon admission, and then on an ongoing basis, to determine their emotional, physical, cognitive and psychosocial needs. In conjunction with the entire interdisciplinary team, a rehabilitation program is then formulated, to ensure optimal function and quality of life.


Our rehabilitation therapists aim to promote health, safety, mobility and minimize functional losses through exercises and therapeutic techniques. Additionally, as needed, we provide technical aids, adapted equipment and training to residents, families and staff.

Residents will be seen at admission to look at safety issues. A specific assessment can be done upon medical request. Following our appraisal, we may make recommendations or create a treatment plan that will be followed for a specific period of time, according to the resident's needs. This plan is an extension of the interdisciplinary team which promotes the resident's autonomy and well being.

Occupational Therapy

At the Donald Berman Jewish Eldercare Centre, the occupational therapists assess the resident's level of function for life habits, in order to restore them and maintain others through the use of assistive technology, compensatory measures, or environmental adaptation in order to promote a comfortable lifestyle.

Depending on the needs, the occupational therapists will make specific assessments: positioning, mobility, feeding, skin integrity, restraint alternatives, cognitive abilities, adaptation process, etc. Interventions are done upon request of the unit's professionals, in collaboration with the resident and family, always aiming toward a homelike environment approach.

Recreation Services

The philosophy of the Services de milieu de vie / Recreation department includes the belief that, in order to provide the highest possible quality of life, each resident should be recognized as an individual with a unique life experience.

The resident's leisure interests are evaluated by our recreologists in the weeks following admission, and at regular intervals. Individual, large- and small-group activities are planned according to the goals and needs of each resident in the following categories: physical, entertainment, social, intellectual, spiritual, and creative expression. The aim of these activities is to maintain and improve the resident's autonomy, mobility, self-esteem and confidence.

We also create programs that encourage the residents to maintain contact with the community. In conjunction with various schools and community organizations, groups of all ages come to the Donald Berman Jewish Eldercare Centre for visits and group activities.

The Centre organizes several large-scale activities, such as outings, barbecues, suppers, theme activities and concerts. Seasonal and holiday-themed recreational activities are planned to coincide with Jewish Holiday celebrations.

Social Services

The Social Services department is involved in various aspects of the resident’s care. Starting at pre-admission, supportive counselling is provided to the residents and their families, to help them adjust to life in a long term care environment. After helping ease the transition, Social Services remains available to deal with a wide range of emotional and social problems. Support groups are also offered to our residents and their families.

Tours are provided to future residents who are on the waiting list, along with their families, to familiarize them with the Centre.

Chaplaincy Services

Our Centre recognizes the importance of religious faith among the elderly and makes every effort to provide an atmosphere of traditional Jewish observance.

Two part-time Rabbis/Chaplains provide all pastoral visits and counselling.

Sabbath services are held Friday evening and Saturday morning in the Kastner Pavilion Synagogue and Saturday afternoon in the Hope Pavilion Synagogue. An Oneg Shabbat Program takes place regularly on Friday afternoons at both pavilions.

The Centre celebrates all major Jewish holidays and provides specific holiday services to accommodate both Ashkenazi and Sephardic residents. In addition, Jewish traditions, customs and practices are reflected in many activities for residents.

The Rabbi will also organize chaplain visits according to the religious needs of non-Jewish residents.

Food and Nutritional Care

Since the overall well-being and quality of life of our residents depends highly on good nutrition, a complete nutritional assessment is conducted shortly after admission and whenever needed clinically. Meals are prepared and delivered according to the strict rules of Kashruth, under the supervision of the Vaad Ha’ir. The menu cycle includes a wide variety of familiar Jewish foods with special attention paid to cultural traditions.

Menu selection is an important part of the interdisciplinary approach, with our clinical dietician and dietary technicians working closely with the healthcare team, residents and their families to ensure optimal nutritional care.

A dysphagia team will evaluate any swallowing or chewing difficulties encountered by a resident, and the textures of the foods will be changed (minced, pureed, soft or regular), in order to meet the resident's needs. When medically indicated, special diets are prescribed.

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